Welcome to the Pacific Coast Branch of A.P.O.C.

The Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC) is a bargaining unit accredited by the Canada Industrial Relations Board representing employees who supervise the processing and delivery of mail, the corporate sales team, and employees who oversee mail conveyance across Canada.

APOC currently have approximately 3400 members in 28 branches across the country, with the largest being Toronto (YORK) and the smallest being Prince Edward Island.

Requests to the APOC Bargaining Team – Apr 26, 2024

Steps to be followed for form submission:

  • Submit filled out forms to [email protected] by Saturday June 15, 2024.
    Your local APOC Executive will review the forms submitted by all members.
    Recommendations will then be forwarded to our Divisional Vice President to submit to the National Office.

You will find attached:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation on how to complete the Request to the APOC bargaining team form.
  2. The Request to the APOC bargaining team form.

Please contact any of your local executive members if there are any questions.

Thank you,

The APOC Negotiation Team

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