Welcome to the Pacific Coast Branch of A.P.O.C.

The Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC) is a bargaining unit accredited by the Canada Industrial Relations Board representing employees who supervise the processing and delivery of mail, the corporate sales team, and employees who oversee mail conveyance across Canada.

APOC currently have approximately 3400 members in 28 branches across the country, with the largest being Toronto (YORK) and the smallest being Prince Edward Island.

A message from the branch president

My name is Angela Burnett. I am a supervisor in Parcels on Shift 3 at the PPC. I am thrilled to be your Interim President.

Here is a little bit about me.

I have been with Canada Post for 23 years and 21 of those years have been spent at the plants. My plant experience is PPC, PIF, VMPP and VPDC. I have spent time in numerous positions throughout the previously mentioned facilities. I have also served on the executive for APOC for 12 years of my career.

From those experiences it has allowed me to extensively broaden my understanding of our APOC collective agreement as well as give me numerous opportunities to participate in disciplinary meetings, mediations, investigations, and consultations with CPC in both positive and negative settings. All these experiences have also given me a level of resilience that makes having the difficult conversation with CPC management a fluid and simple process.

I am passionate about people and love working with and assisting people anyway that I can inside and outside of work. I strive to have everyone treated fairly and consistently within the scope of our branch.

I vow to have an open line of communication between the branch, the members, and management.

I will always make myself readily available to listen to any concerns or questions. I believe I have the experience, passion, integrity, and forward-thinking attitude required to represent the members. I look forward to representing you, and to identify our particular issues and improving lines of communications with you, the members.

If you have any questions, suggestions please free to contact me. You can find my contact information on the Branch Executive page.

I am looking forward and excited to service the members of the Pacific Coast Branch.

Angela Burnett Interim President

Scholarship Program
The closing date for the application will be January 31, 2023. The eligibility is any post-secondary program that is a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 4 years. This scholarship program is open to all dependent children, including adopted children, step children, and wards in legal guardianship of permanent active employees of APOC… visit forms & documents

Update to New National and Local Executives – Aug 1, 2023

On behalf of the APOC Pacific Coast Branch Executives, we would like to congratulate and welcome the following individuals on their newly elected positions within our APOC membership, effective immediately:

  • Our new National President – Rachel Lafontaine
  • Our new National 2nd Vice President – Dana Leblanc
  • Our new Divisional Vice President (DVP) – Ronda Ludwig
  • Our new Branch President (Interim) – Angela Burnett

Good luck to everyone on their new roles.

Mental Health – June 1, 2023

The APOC Executive recently completed the Mental Health Basic First Aid training course, where we learned valuable skills for providing initial help to individuals experiencing mental health problems related to substance misuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, and psychosis.

 In our training, we learned how important true connection is when someone needs help. So, with that in mind – if at any time, any of our fellow APOC members needs someone to talk to, destress, vent, decompress, etc. – then feel free to call myself or any of our Executive members, and we will talk with you and help with that connection.

 We are in no way, experts – and we are still learning ourselves; however, when you are feeling alone and emotional – a connection with someone will distract you in a good way, as it is very helpful on so many levels.

 Should you feel you need that connection, please feel free to contact any of the following APOC Executive members or reach out to Homewood Health (EFAP), which is confidentiality.



Trevor Henderson


Ronda Ludwig


Jeremy Costar


Dave Pino

White Rock

Roy Pala


Scott McPherson


Angela Burnett

PPC – Richmond (shift 3)

Donald Mak

PPC – Richmond (shift 1)

Michael Cheung

Dana Leblanc – DVP

PPC – Richmond (shift 2)


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