Annual Leave Bid 2014 / 2015

The Corporation is requesting changes to the Vacation leave scheduling in delivery. The Corporation wants to black out the period From Dec 7, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015. Apparently there is a new “hands on deck policy”. APOC is opposed to the idea. We can see no reason why the corporation would deny Christmas holidays to our members.

Our questions to the Corporation….

  1. what is the justification for blacking out 4 weeks?
  2. what analysis does the corporation have to justify these changes?
  3. what overtime did APOC incur due to staff shortages last year?
  4. was any leave cancelled due to staff shortages last year?
  5. last year some APOC members were granted leave at the discretion of their manager in the proposed black out periods. If the corporation has an issue regarding all hands on deck why was this allowed to occur?
  6. if it’s “all hands on deck” why have some of the terms been ended?
  7. if it’s “all hands on deck” why is a manager currently on leave?”

The local totally disagrees with the proposed change, we think it is misguided and unnecessary. Consequently this issue will be dealt with in accordance to article 29.2, between the GM and the APOC Divisional Vice President.

December 17, 2013