National Convention –Jan 29, 2019

Hi members,

Every three years, national APOC holds a convention. The purposes of this national convention are to vote on who will hold our national executive positions, as well as review and make changes where applicable, to our national constitution. Members of each local executive are sent as either delegates or alternates to represent their local membership. Over four days, every single article of the national constitution is reviewed and voted on whether it should stay as is, or if a change should be made, and if so what that change should be. This is a great experience for anyone interested in the procedures or possibly looking at getting involved with their local executive.

We have a second alternate position available for national convention. As an alternate you would participate in the same activities as the delegates, with the only difference being you wouldn’t have voting authority. In order to be eligible to be considered, you must have attendance in 5 local meetings in the last rolling calendar year. We will compile a list of the eligible members, and vote as an executive as to who would be elected to attend. This information will be made available at the next local meeting.

We’ve attached below, the national constitution and the form required for us to put forth any suggested changes to the constitution.

If you have a change you would like to make, please fill the form out in its entirety, and return to myself or Dalwinder Dhaliwal no later than March 7th, 2019.

Thank you,

Carla Kennedy
A/Vice President, APOC Pacific