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Personal Days

Reference: June 2012 Bulletin

In 2010, APOC employees became entitled to Personal Day Benefits. A statistical review of the use of personal days by our members in 2010 and 2011 was very revealing. The results clearly indicated the following:

In 2010, 7% of APOC members did not take 2 personals days and 5% of APOC members did not take 1 personal day.

In 2011, 10% APOC of members did not take 2 personals days and 5% APOC of members did not take 1 personal day.

If you do not take the 2/7th personal day entitlement for the year, the funds remain in the Corporation’s bank account. They have budgeted for your use of them. A rough calculation at the OP1 /SL1 rates in 2010 & 2011 equates to over $350,000.00. If the trend continues, we could be giving back ½ a million!

You are entitled to them; as you are to vacation or any other benefit negotiated in the Collective Agreement. Ask yourself, would you give back some of your vacation days? Why would you give back personal days?

Are you requesting personal days without a “leave form”? It is extremely important you complete a leave form to obtain approval or denial. Should you be denied personal leave, the denial should be in writing, including the reason for denial.

If you are denied, please provide your APOC representative with the leave form.

Carmelo RenzulloA.P.O.C.
Staffing Grievance Officer

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